Hot! LEGO City Sets 2014

Check out a new update on the LEGO City 2014 sets. There are many new building and vehicles in new LEGO 2014 City Set.


System Sets:

Police Motorcycle Chase (60042) – White police car, 2 bikes, 3 minifigures (2 criminals and 1 police officers)
Break-Out of the Prison Transporter (60043) – 8 stud wide prisoner van, 1 red quad bike, 3 minifigures (2 criminals and 1 police officers).
Mobile Police Unit (60044) – Police truck with trailer, 3 minifigures (2 police officers and 1 prisoner)
Police Boat Transporter (60045) – 4×4 police jeep with trailer, dinghy boat, 2 minifigures.
Break-Out of the Police Station
Bandit’s Hiding Place
Police Helicopter Chase

Great Vehicles:

Race Car (60053) – 6 stud wide Octan touring racing car with 1 minifigure and 1 silver cup.
Light Repair Truck (60054) – Orange repair lighting repair truck about 6 studs wide with 1 minifigure and 1 road light post.
Monster Truck (60055) – Green and black monster truck much like the one from the recent Monster Truck Transporter (60027).
Tow Truck (60056) – Blue and white tow truck is about 8 studs wide and 20-32 studs long with 1 minifigure.
Camper Van (60057) – White camper with green stripes and a red canoe. Includes 1 male minifigure and 1 female minifigure.
SUV with Watercraft (60058)
Logging Truck (60059)
Auto Transporter (60060) – Yellow transporter truck with a double-deck trailer. Includes 1 blue sports car, 1 black sports car, and 2 minifigures (1 truck driver and 1 customer).
Airport Fire Truck (60061) – Fire truck is about 8 studs wide and 20-32 studs long with 2 minifigures and 1 burning jet engine.

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