Hot! LEGO Batman Sets 2014

Rumors have come out on the LEGO forums that these are the new LEGO Batman Sets for January 2014. No official word has been announced that these rumors are true, however we can assume that this is somewhat accurate because The Riddler Chase set was revealed at Comic Con.

•76010 The Penguin Face off
•76011 Man-Bat Attack
•76012 The Riddler Chase
•76013 The Joker Steam Roller

lego batman set

These past few days new set names have been coming in like crazy! The saying is true then, when it rains it pours. This time we have 3 new set names for upcoming Batman sets coming to you from darth_tater on Eurobricks. Along with names he’s provided a brief description of what’s included in the set:

(76010) The Penguin Face-Off: Might be one of the best $13 LEGO sets ever. Comes with Batman, the Penguin and two robot penguin henchmen with dynamite. Batman has some sort of jet ski (I can’t recall if it’s similar to the polybag) and the Penguin has a duck-like flotation ride similar to the Batman Returns design.

(76011) The Man-Bat Attack: Batman, Robin (I thought it might’ve been Nightwing, but he looks really cool!) and Man-Bat. Really cool looking Bat-Helicopter. Could retail for $25

lego batman and riddler

(76012) The Riddler Chase: This is a car that is green, and belong to The Riddler.

(76013) The Joker Steam Roller: This is the one I’m most excited for. 5 total minifigures, but all I could make out was Batman and the Joker (purple hat included!). While the box art made it look like two heroes and three villians, I am not ruling out the possibility of the other hero being Nightwing. The Steam Roller looks ridiculously awesome, with a ton of great colors. Batman’s vehicle is a jet, with similar wing functionality to that of the Republic Striker from the Old Republic line.

The sets do sound interesting. We’ll get remakes of some old villains (e.g. Penguin) and some new ones (e.g. Man-bat) which excites me a lot. The possibility of getting another version of Nightwing sounds cool too. Remember though, these are still unconfirmed.

lego batman

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